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Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Acoustic Ceiling Tiles

Our acoustic ceiling tiles comprises a medium or high density glass wool panel covered with a sandy surface of different textures, painted glass wool tissue for decorative ceiling effect. Its backside is open or covered with glass fleece; it is an economical ceiling for application where basic requirements are needed; acoustic, fire and moisture resistance and installation / removal. It is installed on exposed grid system to create esthetic effect

  • Density / Thickness and size:     50/70/96 kg/m3 -  15/20 mm (600 mm x 600 mm)/(600 mm x 1200 mm).
  • Fire Safety: Class B s1 d0 According to EN 13501-1:2007.
  • NRC:      0.80—0.95 According to ISO 354 room testing method.
  • Moisture Resistance: Up to 95% at 30 °C according to ISO-4611.
  • Light Efficiency: Up to 85% Light Reflection.
  • Edge / System Weight:  Square, Tegular and Concealed / total weight, approximately 2.5 kg/Sq.m. including the suspension system.


Technical Advice

Highly qualified acoustic engineers are available to offer assistance and advice to clients, architects and contractors on all aspects of noise control to ensure design specifications and acoustic performance requirements are achieved. We can undertake noise surveys and provide details of anticipated reverberation times pre and post installation. Installation also can be provided by us under our qualified installers.



Polo Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 

Polo White 


Polo Black

Snow Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 

Snow Type

Advance Acoustic Ceiling Tiles 

Advance Type


Hygiene Type